Our Mission
Hazaribag College of Dental Sciences & Hospital (HCDSH) is dedicated to the advancement of knowledge, learning, and understanding in the service of society. To become an advanced center of dental teaching & ethical practice. To improve the quality of life at the local and regional level as a whole through education, research, and service related to oral health. To promote Research & Development, innovation, good dental practice and to collaborate both nationally and internationally in the field of dentistry with colleges, industries, voluntary organization, and hospitals. To develop confidence, motivate talent, encourage progressive & positive thinking, nurture creativity and enhance the competency of students to enable them to effectively serve the society. To serve as a catalyst between disease and patient.

Our Vission
To emerge as an academic institution par excellence that would promote the advancement of dentistry and oral health care knowledge and provide an environment in which students will be able to learn, grow and acquire qualities to render the best possible service to the society with uncompromising human values, social consciences, and integrity.