The department of Oral and Maxillofacial pathology is that specialty of dentistry, which serves as “THE GATEWAY” for the entry of dental students into the field of dentistry, and “THE BRIDGE” that links basic sciences and clinical specialties.


The department takes the responsibility of building up a strong foundation for the dental students.  A thorough knowledge about the normal structure, functioning and development of oral hard tissues (teeth and jaw bones) and soft tissues (cheeks, tongue, lips, salivary glands etc.) is provided to the students in the first year of their academics. Following this basic understanding, students are being taught about the various diseases or disorders affecting these tissues in the second and third year of the course.

Department is well set with abundant study aiding materials. Monocular microscopes for individual student, Direct Field Projection with LCD Projector as well as individual detailed placards made for each microscopic view are available. Many charts, Models, specimens and Histopathological diagrams are always on display and well maintained.

The didactic curriculum of the department is devoted to enable students in identifying dental and oral diseases and treat accordingly in the respective clinical specialties.

Patient Care:

It is here, where the patient’s “suspected” disease gets its Confirmed and Final Diagnosis.


The department establishes and maintains Oral Pathology Biopsy Reporting and Blood Testing services with the help of our well-equipped laboratory.

Biopsy reporting service deals with the laboratory processing and microscopic examination of the patient’s disease sample. This along with our wide range of blood testing service, we aim at delivering the most appropriate treatment for our patients.

Our Skilled Faculty