Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopadics


The Dentafacial deformity can be a handicapping deformity because of the social & psychological implications associated with it. It is better to treat the cause of the problem; hence a great emphasis is placed on the overall development of the child.

The department of Orthodontia has a state of art equipments comprising of diagnostic setup like an Orthopantanograph, a Cephalostat, and Photographic equipment. In addition we also have sophisticated equipments like a biostar, hydrosolder, spot welders, light cure equipment, trimmers, vibrators etc. The department has facilities for both visible & invisible braces. The department has a museum for the education of the patients and also for the students during their clinical postings.

The department has a departmental library, in addition to the central library, which caters to the insatiable appetite of the young scholars.

Various interceptive orthodontics procedures like removable appliances for correction of aberrant development, space maintenance of prematurely lost teeth, correction of habits, and modulation of growth by functional appliances are also carried out in the department.

The department takes pride in its aspect of microteaching to the students and a frank face-to-face talk in ironing out the difficulties of the students.

Our Skilled Faculty