Physiology is the basic biomedical science which lays the strongest foundation for understanding and practicing medicine. Greeks were the founders of physiology. Physiology relies highly upon the advancement in other sciences such as biophysics, biostatistics, biochemistry, molecular biology, microbiology, etc to figure out the mechanisms of maintenance of the normal functions of the human body, which forms the basis of life. Cells, tissues, organs, and systems of the body provide the framework for running of the mechanisms pertaining to the sustenance of life. Several biochemicals within the human body serve as messengers to communicate between cells. Abnormalities in the body chemistry and anomalies in the structure forming the systems results in pathophysiological problems, the solving/controlling of which requires a sound knowledge of physiology. The department of physiology of HCDSH started its journey in 2007. The department has dedicated staffs and is equipped with state of the art instruments to carry out physiological experiments. Theory classes of physiology are supplemented by discussion of unsolved physiological problems, especially in case of postgraduate students. Seminars are regularly conducted at the department relating to the applied or biomedical aspects of physiology. The department encourages the participation of both undergraduate and postgraduate dental students in the seminars to nurture their interest in the fascinating world of physiology and trigger their interest in research.


Biochemistry is the Branch of basic science which deals with the application of chemistry that is applied in biological processes at cellular and molecular level. The Department of Biochemistry was established in the year 2007 with modern equipment and good infrastructure. The department has facilities to perform both qualitative and quantitative experiments in different areas of biochemistry. Instruments like colorimeter; Incubator, Hot Air Oven, Centrifuge, Semi-Automatic Analyzer, etc are available for use. Students are also taught about the importance of clinical biochemistry, biochemical reaction and the biochemical deviations of the bodily chemistry. The department serves primarily to develop the skills and knowledge of the basics, which could be applied in various areas of Biochemistry. The ability to create more interest in the research field is given due importance. The department provides an opportunity for students to handle the instruments needed for clinical biochemistry investigations.

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